The internal radial piston motor

radial piston motor
Just like the radial piston motor of the 'star type', the internal radial piston motor is applied there where high torques are required. Of this type of hydraulic motor there are motors available with a displacement of 300 liter/rotation and an output torque of more than 1,400,000 Nm! For example, they are used to drive winches, shredders, wheels, bucket wheels.
The animation shows how this hydraulic motor operates. The barrel with the eight radial mounted pistons rotates over a fixed shaft which has the function of a sleeve valve. At the right moment a piston is pushed outwards and the roller which is connected to the piston, has to 'follow' the curved and fixed mounted ring. This results in a rotation of the barrel; the barrel is connected to the output shaft of the motor and drives the load. By changing the direction of oil supply to the motor the direction of rotation can be changed.